about dusky

Dusky Waters is the one-woman project by singer-songwriter Jennifer Jeffers. Dusky represents the most magical time of day and Waters describes the Mississippi from which she draws strength and inspiration. She grew up on the traditions of gospel and folk music in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her childhood interest in piano blossomed into a close relationship with a guitar and eventually a love affair with a banjo. In her early twenties she moved to the delta region of North Louisiana and began writing songs influenced by its rural beauty and the struggles of being young and restless in a small town.

In the delta, Dusky became a part of the duet Silo, where she honed her songwriting skills and the honey harmonies for which she is known. Dusky toured with Silo across the Southeast, earning a following from Folk and Americana fans across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Silo’s EP, Tall Tales was met with acclaim by local music critics in Baton Rouge, Jackson, Mississippi, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Dusky’s songwriting is honest and vulnerable to its core. She writes of love and love lost, of the draw of the South, and of the unending quest to find one’s truest self. She draws inspiration from musical powerhouses Elizabeth Cotten, Rhiannon Giddens, and the Avett Brothers.

Dusky keeps her sound fresh with a mix of instruments, non-traditional melodies and experimental percussion at her live shows. She performs with multiple instruments while singing; playing a minimal drum-kit with her feet; and looping silky harmonies on her Boss RC-300 loop station. Every Dusky show is an intimate experience where she enchants listeners with intricate layers of melodies and stories told through soulful lyricism.

In May of 2015, Dusky moved to New Orleans to continue to pursue her love of songwriting. She continues to play in the projects Silo and with Matt Babineaux & the TBDs. Dusky loves every incarnation of her music and considers it is the most sincere way to connect with others.


Photographer: Mitchell Perry

Musician: Dusky Waters (Jenn Jeffers)